The events that took place in Roseburg Oregon on Thursday, October 1st, will be thought on by some for years and brushed aside by many more as just the latest violence. Those touched by the shootings are living in shock. As the details of the shooter’s life travel, and as political pendants make hay with their agendas, others will just struggle with how a person can do this. As a Christian I believe this tragedy is a call to pray for the victims and for our nation; and more. It reminds us of the darkness that dwells in the human soul. Jesus says, "Out of the heart proceed evil thoughts ...." (Mark 7:21-23) Among those evils is murder.

Before the homosexual and lesbian revolutions of our day culminating in a new legal definition of marriage last week by the Supreme Court, many of us saw the heterosexual revolution of the 1960’s. The moral shift of “free love” back then was marked by sexual experimentation and exploration giving birth later to legal abortion, no fault divorce, dysfunction in relationships, and a booming business called pornography to mention only a few of the cascading cultural impacts to our American people. Its legacy continues with bisexual and transgender issues, as well as sexual identification and orientation struggles. Our culture is sexually stimulated, self-aware, strutting, confused, and stratifying across ideas. Sexuality is still a gift from God but like any gift God gives there are boundaries to insure the blessings of joy and life and healing and, yes, children. These cannot be changed by any ruling body or a culture.