Why join a small group?

Small groups are important for the life of any Christian. We do not  view small groups as extracurricular activities; they are a way of life for anyone committed to a life-long walk with Christ. There are many reasons to become part of this ministry!


Connect with others

If you feel as though you are disconnected, small groups are a perfect way for you to plant your feet in the church and feel more at home.  Small groups launch God's family into opportunities to serve Him together in new ways, through the connection of spiritual gifts with real needs of the church, community and the world.


Connect with God

Small groups serve as the vehicle to help the body of believers engage all of who they are with all of who God is.  Small groups are places to grow in spiritual disciplines of worship, prayer, Bible study, and life together.


Experience true community

Small groups offer you deeper experiences of Christian Community by emphasizing the fullness of shared journeys, shared joys, shared struggles and shared growth.  This is an intimate place where love and service are given and received.


Follow Christ's example

Jesus Himself was a part of a small group.  The twelve apostles were His friends, protegees, and confidantes.  We are created to be in relationships with one another!


What to expect in a small group...

Welcome:  being accepted in a community of believers

Worship:  entering into God's presence as a group

Word:  Connecting with each other and with God's Word through the study and application of Biblical truths

Walk:  Challenging one another through mutual encouragement and accountability

Works:  Activating the group by working together to reach out and serve the community.