Rev. Dr. Stace Rollefson
Senior Pastor

Growing up in Wyoming, Stace lived in a world of hunting, fishing, and exploring the outdoors with his dad and siblings. He worked as a mechanic in a number of different applications before becoming a pastor. Rooted in God's Word and Lutheran theology, Stace is gifted in communicating God's unchanging truth and saving Gospel in ways that bring people together from all walks of life.

In his 22 years of parish ministry, working with all age groups, he has served the Lord and His family in Minnesota, Louisiana, California, and now in Plano, Texas. Stace brings a unique blend of experiences, including a mission trip to China, door to door evangelism, ground work towards a church plant, launching a missionary outreach to young families, and writing a devotional book titled: Stewardship: Our Life of Response to God.

Stace is happily married to Karen with three children, Max, Van, and Katherine.

Barbara Shakal
Director of St Paul Christian School

Barbara has lived in Texas since 1987.  Before making this state her home, she has lived in many different places all over the world; San Francisco, London, Sydney, and Reno- where she attended the University of Nevada. Barbara started her journey with St Paul by first assisting in the nursery on Sunday mornings before becoming the Director of St Paul Christian School in 1997.  The thing that she loves most about working at St Paul is the opportunity to touch the future and improving the lives of the children she works with.  She is passionate about not only creating a solid academic foundation for her students, but also a solid spiritual foundation built on Christ.Through her many efforts with the school, Barbra has created a lasting family community through annual events such as “Pumpkin Patch”, “Family Advent Night”, “Run With The Son” and Health Expo.Barbara has been married for 25 years and has 3 wonderful children.  On her time off she enjoys to cook for others.

Bryan Manges
Facility Manager

Bryan is a self proclaimed "country boy", hailing from Bremen Indiana. He moved to the DFW area in 1984 after graduating from Purdue University. Bryan has been a long time member of St Paul, joining the staff in January 2006.

Among his many hobbies, Bryan enjoys taking things that are broken, seeing why they are broken, and trying to figure out how to make it work again. The things he likes the most about serving at St Paul is that each day is different because there is always something that needs attention... leaving little time to get bored.


Bryan's other "claims to fame" is that he has been the purple wise man in scene 4 of Journey to the Manger since 1996!