St. Paul Elders are spiritual leaders within the congregation. Our two primary responsibilities are:

a.     Ensure orderly and doctrinally-sound worship services

b.     Spiritual care of congregational members

1)      Pray for/with members, family, and friends

2)      Offer support during life’s challenging times

3)      Connect you with committees, teams, and activities at St. Paul


The Elders also oversee the following St. Paul committees and groups:

        i.           11:00 Praise Team 

       ii.           Adult Bible Study

      iii.           Altar Guild

     iv.            Acolytes

      v.            Ushers

     vi.            Technology – church website and sound equipment


Each member of St. Paul is assigned an Elder. If you are not sure who your Elder is, please email or call the church secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 972-618-4266.  


Our Elders are Fred Schafer, Dave Matthews, Mike Colar, Tim Anders, and Brandon Anderson